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Author John Gile Background Information

John Gile is a study in contrasts. He was a rebellious student who dropped out of high school and left home for a period during turbulent teen years. He returned — thanks to parent/teacher tough love — and later was trained as a Russian interpreter for the United States Army Security Agency, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northern Illinois University, and went on to become an award-winning author of books that made and topped bestseller lists.

Gile has presented programs across the United States and in Europe to more than 500,000, including student reading and writing programs, teacher in-service programs, and communication workshops for businesses and organizations. He has been a guest for literacy and other communication skill discussions on numerous radio and television talk shows across the country and is a frequent speaker at education conferences, including Staff Development for Educators programs and the World Congress of the International Reading Association in New Zealand. He also speaks and writes extensively on the duties, rights, and privileges of citizenship.

Gile's books include titles for children and adults: The First Forest, Keeping First Things First, Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! and What Is That Thing? Whose Stuff Is This? One of his books has been published in Chinese and Spanish and three have been book club selections. Gile also is author of features published by periodicals throughout the United States and Canada. He created and produced the cartoon “Blockheads & Co.” for the Register and Tribune Syndicate and wrote a humor column, “Gile Without Guile,” which was syndicated nationally by NC News Service.

Gile and his wife Renie were married in 1967 and live in Rockford, Illinois. They are the parents of two sons and four daughters and have been promoted to grandparents.

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