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Making Writing Exciting: The Basics And Beyond

A Modular Program For Teachers Available In Half-Day, All-Day, Or Multiple After-School Sessions
Presented By Author John Gile


“Motivated learners learn more in less time, learn better, apply learning more effectively, and are eager to learn still more.” — John Gile, “The Four C’s Of Leadership And Achievement”


To improve students’ writing by fortifying teachers with:
A. A fresh and dynamic perspective on writing;
B. Information, techniques, and tools to apply in the classroom, to enhance and strengthen any writing program, including Four-Blocks™, Four-Square, John Collins Writing, Six-Traits, Balanced Literacy, and combined approaches;
C. Keys to combining skill development with motivation;
D. Aids to teaching writing as a life enhancing, life enriching tool; and
E. Personal writing applications to combat stress and avoid burnout.


Whole Person Writing And Why Skill Development Alone Is Never Enough • Teachers As Writers • The Most Common Writing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them • What Causes Writers’ Procrastination And How To Overcome It • Tips For Motivating Students To Read And Write • Why Writers Who Never Fail Never Succeed • The Anatomy Of A Bestseller And Its Ramifications For Teachers • How To Avoid Burnout • How To Unleash Students’ Creativity • How Not To Teach Writing • There’s More To Proofreading Than Meets The Eye • Take Advantage Of The Writing School In Your Mailbox • Overcoming The “I Can’t Do It” Mindset • Tips For Completing Writing Projects Promptly • Tips For Making Writing Come Alive • Writing As A Way Of
• Diverse Organizing Techniques For Diverse Writing Work Styles • Technology For Writers • Tips For Making Writing Easier, Faster, More Powerful, And More Fun • Overcoming The “I Hate To Write” Syndrome • How To Turn TV Into A Writing Ally • How To Jump Start Writing Assignments • How To Cultivate Good Writing Habits • Tips For Overcoming Inertia, Insecurity, And Insipidity • Confronting The Limitations Of Technology • How To Foster Writing With Purpose And Passion • Growing From Fundamental Concepts To Polished Writing • Tips For Generating Ideas • How To Start Fast And Finish Fast • Aids To Recalling And Applying Techniques Common To Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, And Persuasive Writing

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